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Surveys and Inspection

We use the latest drone mapping systems to offer a range of solutions for building and site surveys, inspections and modelling. From elevated photography of roofs and other hard-to-reach places, to fly-through videos and interactive 3D models; we deliver an affordable and eye-catching solution for architects, building contractors, heritage charities and a wide range of other organisations. 

Here is an example site we surveyed on behalf of a charity which looks after historic churches. The building featured is the 14th Century Church of St Mary in North Yorkshire.




Our flying drone camera can fly around your site giving a unique and super-smooth perspective from any angle. These shots can then be edited together to give an overview video, be used as part of a survey, or for promotional purposes. Graphics and annotations can also be added, along with music and titles.


Ascent's high resolution stills camera can provide detailed photographs as part of a building survey. Our pilots can get the drone to exactly where you need to be to capture all the building's details. From church spires to details of roofs and guttering, we can quickly and safely get you the access and the level of detail you need.

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Using the latest photogrammetry software and systems, we can provide a detailed interactive 3D model of your site. Our drone flies a set pattern above the building or other area to be surveyed, taking photos at regular intervals. From these images and the precise GPS data from the drone, we are then able to build lifelike 3D models like this.

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